Online Fundraising

Three Easy Steps

1. Register

Choose your cuisine and sign up to become a host

2. Prepare

Plan your feast, invite your guests, cook your meal

3. Celebrate

Host your feast with friends and family and raise funds for people seeking asylum

Get involved

  • Our Cooks, Uyen, Ahmad, Salwa and her husband Mohamed, have hand-selected delicious, simple dishes from their own cultural traditions for you to cook for your friends and family in your home or workplace.
  • Simply sign up as a host, choose the recipes you wish to cook (or create a menu using your own recipes) and begin to plan your celebration of the rich flavours that people seeking asylum bring to Australia. You can host at a time that suits you, including outside the main feast weekend in March.
  • As you sign up, you will receive a personal fundraising webpage where your guests can RSVP and you can receive donations toward your fundraising goal to support the work of the ASRC.
  • As a thank you, Salwa, Mohammed, Ahmad and Uyen have written letters for each host which we will post out to you, along with:
    • the recipes
    • a table centrepiece
    • two donation boxes (one for work, one for home)
    • one of the special spices you will need for the recipes
    • conversation cards to help the dinner table conversation flow
    • and a special gift from us to you.

During the final weekend of March, registered hosts across Australia will hold their own feasts at a time that suits them. Join us. Register today as a host for Feast 4 Freedom and help raise funds for people seeking asylum, it’s going to be delicious...!